THAI FIGHT World Muay Thai Competition began in 2010. Not only does the competition appeal to both Thais and foreigners, it also introduces people around the world the art of Muay Thai, the original Thai fighting culture.

THAI FIGHT is the first one Muay Thai Event in the world, that organizing with the huge stage entertainment performance including sound, light, and stage effect system. It like a big concert event.

THAI FIGHT Brings the sport of Muay Thai to an international level and introduces the world's best Muay Thai competition featuring several famous Thai and foreign boxers worldwide. The combination of Muay Thai and entertainment. An international sport entertainment event created and owned by Thai people.



We are the first and only hotel with the concept of Muay Thai in the world, and it desires to be in Sports and Culture tourism in a growing market segment of modern leisure travellers. Those who are unconventional guests are searching for their vacation or leisure time, and they refuse luxury and unreasonable prices and rather pay for physical and mental health benefits instead. Stay with us; you can enjoy “Muay Thai” fitness, massage, spa, and authentic local Thai food, in further, we design a sociable space to share and learn Thai sport and culture with incomparable experiences anywhere.



Thai Fight Physports is a part of the Thai Fight ecosystem; hence, we combine three winning fitness principles: a Thai Fight academy for Muay Thai classes, self-defense programs, and bodybuilding courses; in addition, our trainers are growing within our ecosystem and practitioners. We target those who want to improve their fitness efficiency and sports performance.

The originated institutes designed three principles, Thai Fight Internation Boxing Association created Muay Thai classes, Kru Lamp Muay Boran tech “Tum-Tub-Jab-Hak” self-defense programs, and Thailand Bodybuilding and Physique Association designed bodybuilding courses.



We are a digital touch-point to provide a better experience on content and services for our audients and customers on a digital channel. We manage our funnel tools in three tiers:

1st tier give accessibility to our content to multi-million worldwide social media subscribers and followers in entire the social media platforms.

2nd tier is the Thai Fight fan club which is experienced with Thai Fight content and services to gain the best benefits within our value chain.

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