By TF Admin - 2020 April 1

Just so you know ....Why does Muay Thai begin with the Wai kru?

Since the olden days, Muay Thai was considered to be a sport with a master (kru). And every boxer had his own kru. Therefore, there are customs and rituals that are undertaken Before the fight, fighters always pay respect to their masters. This is done in the form of a dance. This dance is known by the name of “Wai kru”; a means of showing respect and gratitude towards their boxing masters.


The “Wai kru” will vary in terms of postures and moves according to different camps or gyms. But it will begin with the same position: kneeling to pay respect and pay obeisance,  reverence for the parents and the master. As the ritual name "Wai Kru" can be broken down into two parts; “Wai” means respect and “Kru” means teacher or master. The purpose of the Wai kru is to pray for all things sacred, according to ancient beliefs, to protect the fighter itself throughout the fight.


On the other hand, aside from spiritual beliefs, the Wai kru has also been backed by science as well. While paying respect to the master, the fighters will warm up before they start fighting. Conditioning the body before any form of exercise is very important. Because once the body is warmed up, any risk of injury during the fight is significantly decreased. 


Perhaps Wai kru is a strategy that helps fighters prepare both physically and mentally prior to a fight. Therefore, paying respect to their masters is an important part of Muay Thai tradition that Thai Fight has always embraced, in addition to glorifying the Thai identity into the eyes of the world.