By TF Admin - 2016 December 24

Please show you support for our fighters for the upcoming THAI FIGHT “THE FIGHTER KING”, the final round of THAI FIGHT 2016 tournament. The highlight matches will be P.T.T vs Sean Kearney for King Rama 9’s 2016 cup and Saenchai vs Julio Lobo for King Rama 10’s 2016 cup. Also do not miss the “SUPER CHAMPION” fights: Saiyok vs Youssef Boughanemand Sudsakorn vs Antione Pinto. The location will be in front of Central World, Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday 24 December 2016. LIVE broadcasting from 18.00-20.00 hr. on Channel 3 and 33 and from 20.00-21.45 hr. on Channel 28. The gate will open from 16.30 hr.