The Pahung Incantation

By TF Admin - 2020 April 2

What is the Pahung Incantation? 

The Pahung incantation, or the Chaimongkol incantation, is a victory incantation whose story is that of legend. One of the most popular legends surrounding it is that it was a spell created by the monk Somdet Phra Panarat of Ayutthaya for King Naresuan to recite every time he went into battle. Supposedly, this brought the king victory over the Burmese and ultimately led the Siamese people to freedom. During World War I, when Siam sent troops to aid their allies, it was said that King Rama VI a prayer group to recite the Pahung incantation, in addition to his own Thai translation, leading the troops to victory. Today, the Pahung incantation is often used in daily morning and evening prayers. People in general tend to use this incantation when they are about to undertake a big deed or when they feel the need for inner strength when while working.